Getting Started

getting-startedWhat to Expect at Your First Appointment

An easy process that involves a 1.5 to 2 hour interview. We sit, you talk, I ask some questions and I listen. The goal is to get a detailed review of your symptoms and medical history. I will evaluate your situation and recommend one or more homeopathic remedies.
Follow-up appointments will be scheduled as needed.

Homeopathy should be considered if…

  • You are looking for an approach that considers the whole person, body and mind.
  • You desire an approach without side effects that will enhance health rather than suppress symptoms.
  • You’ve tried other approaches and received unsatisfactory results.
  • You have an illness with an unknown cause and no satisfactory treatment is available.
  • You wish to improve your health or that of your family.


Please email Dr. Prickett to request forms and to schedule your initial appointment. 

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